Avoid Short Circuit Control Unit Control (ECU)

Posted on August 6, 2017 by in Auto

During the rainy season and floods occur on the road, car owners often force themselves to hit the flood to get to their destination, regardless of the potential risk of damaging the car engine. The engine component of a car that is particularly susceptible to water during a flood is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). See our tips here transport companies near me

ECU is the brain of the car engine, in charge of regulating the engine as a whole, whether it set the fuel supply, air, ignition, and others. The impact of damage to car components such as the ECU can drain the pockets deep enough. Here are tips from Car Repair can be applied to minimize damage If your car is already trapped in the middle of the flood. Here are tips from auto transport near meĀ 

If the car is hit by a flood, the car should be pulled or pushed to a dry place. Next, know the position of the ECU, If indeed the position of the ECU has entered the water, remove the computer components, then dry and clean with Trichloroethylene fluid. This is to prevent zeroing in the car.

To find out if the ECU has been exposed to water or not yet recognizable of the following characteristics, ie where the car is still going to burn, but after 2-3 days, when turned on again began to feel difficult. Post-submerged flooding should not be immediately ignited because the engine is very dangerous, potentially occur short circuit on Engine Control Unit (ECU) which resulted in the car burned.

Another form of prevention that can be taken is to avoid passing puddles like floods at high speed, to minimize the possibility of splashes. If possible, create a protective engine control unit (ECU). Especially in the socket, to be more resistant when exposed to water.

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