How to Sell Your Motorcycle for More Money

Posted on June 14, 2017 by in Auto

Do you want to sell your motorcycle for as much money as possible? If so, there has never been so many ways to find the perfect buyer for your bike. However, you should not settle for the first offer you get and you should look for ways to get a better price for your motorcycle. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

List Your Bike on a Bikers Website

Listing your motorcycle on a website that specializes in buying and selling these vehicles is a great way to sell used motorcycles online. In some cases, all you have to do is to provide basic details about your bike such as its VIN number, some photos, and any other relevant information. You are then made an offer and if you are satisfied with that offer, there are businesses that will pick up your motorcycle or you ride it to them.

Look After Your Bike

Ultimately, the condition of your motorcycle will determine how much other people will be willing to pay for it. This is why it’s essential to keep your machine regularly maintained and in good working order.

Your motorcycle should be kept in a safe, dry place when it’s not being used so that it does not get damaged or rust does not affect it over time. The engine of your motorcycle needs to be taken care of by always using the proper oil and fuel.

Understand Everything About Your Motorbike

Ideally, you should know as much as possible about your motorcycle because there are plenty of buyers who will try to exploit you and get you to sell your bike for much less than it’s worth. Typically, you should carry out some research and find out what similar bikes are selling for. Thanks to the internet, it’s much easier to do this, with a wide range of marketplace websites and classified websites available that make it much easier to compare prices and motorcycle models.

Create an Ad That Stands Out for All the Right Reasons

If you decide to list your bike on a classified website, newspaper, magazine or other advertising platforms, you have to make your listing stand out from the crowd. You can do this by adding plenty of high-quality photos of your bike, a video if possible, and include as many details as you can about the bike. This should grab the attention of more potential buyers, leading to better offers for your motorcycle.

Include Additional Items

To entice even more buyers, you should consider selling additional items with your motorcycle. Examples include a motorcycle helmet, protective clothing, extra parts, and any other items buyers would be interested in.

When you are selling your motorcycle, don’t settle for less. There are many different places you can sell your bike, more people interested in purchasing than you think, and many ways you can make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd so that you get the best price possible.

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