IONIQ Hybrid – It Could Be Your Next Luxurious Car:

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The highly efficient 1.6 liter GDI four-cylinder gasoline engine from the Kappa family and the 32 kW (43.5 hp) strong electric motor offer high performance combined with lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. The system performance is 104 kW (141 hp, torque of 265 Nm). A newly developed six-speed dual clutch transmission (6DCT) ensures responsive driving behavior and smooth and fast shifting, guaranteeing good driving pleasure and good fuel consumption. From the start, the electric motor provides a powerful torque. It is powered by a compact 1.56 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery which is charged during the journey, especially by energy recovery during braking. The Hyundai IONIQ can drive purely electrically up to a speed of 120 km / h.

Houston Hyundai Ioniq is the winner of the Fleet Car of the Year Awarded in 2017. The new Hyundai IONIQ was introduced in the category Limousine by excellent design, modern technology and much more. And win this special trophy for 2017. Hyundai is very pleased with this award and thanks, all readers for their voice.

Hyundai is once again gaining international recognition in the form of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The groundbreaking new IONIQ model has been awarded the prestigious “Vehicles” category for its outstanding design, making it the sixth Hyundai model to receive a Red Dot award within the last three years. RED DOT AWARD 2016, Hyundai receives the 6th Red Dot award within 3 years. The new recognition confirms the success of Hyundai’s design development.


The new Hyundai range features a coupé-like design with outstanding aerodynamics, efficient drives, sustainable materials and a groundbreaking infotainment system.


Take a seat in the new IONIQ and experience a unique ride. Carefully selected materials in the interior create a unique atmosphere.


The IONIQ Hybrid has specially developed drive components which, in addition to the economic advantages of a hybrid system, are also a pleasure to drive.


Thanks to the numerous assistance systems, such as Lane Keeping, Autonomous Emergency Brake & Dead Angle Assist, as well as distance control technology, you are always safe on the road.8-5-year warranty.jpg


The new IONIQ Hybrid offers you 8 years warranty on the high-voltage battery or up to 200,000 km. In addition, you benefit from the unique 5-year warranty without kilometer limitation.

The interior of the Hyundai IONIQ provides a functional yet elegant ambiance, the innovative technology of which is clear and intuitive to use. The well-being is strengthened by the processing of high-quality materials. Blue decor elements add a sporty look to the interior. At the same time, the use of natural materials ensures that the environmental compatibility of the vehicle is brought into focus.

The anatomy of the IONIQ – strengths that the eye does not see

The IONIQ impresses with a light, but at the same time robust body, thanks to its innovative design and advanced design methods and materials. With 53% of high-strength steel alloys, the IONIQ chassis benefits from superior stiffness for responsive handling and maximum safety with high absorption of impact energy and reduced body deformation to provide the occupants with the best possible protection in the event of a crash.

One of the main questions at every IONIQ development step was where weight could be saved without compromising safety, driving pleasure and comfort. The IONIQ engine bonnet and tailgate were made of aluminum, reducing the weight by 12.4 kg compared to the conventional steel option, without sacrificing noise or vibration.

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