Precautionary Steps While Driving a School Bus

School buses carry the most precious gifts of humanity, the children. They are our future, the apple of our eyes. The little angels are delicate and needs utmost care, when they travel by school buses, as they are away from their parents and caregivers for that period of time. The parents on the other hand have invested their trust and belief on the schools, their supposedly skilled and responsible drivers, that they would pick up the children and drop them back safe and happy.

But history has shown us morbid records. Not every child was lucky enough to reach home safe, after travelling by the school buses. So to see that such incidents never take place again and the children remain safe, here are some precautionary steps that should be taken by the school bus driver and the schools as suggested by the Riverside Genesis dealers.

Rules to be Followed by the School Authorities

  • The school authorities should employ only certified bus drivers to drive their school bus.
  • The authority should check that the duty doesn’t get shifted to any unauthorized person even for a single ride.
  • The school contact number should be clearly written at the back of the vehicle so that people can contact the school in case of any emergency.
  • The school authority should employ a responsible person to take care of the school bus routine and report to a higher authority on a daily basis.
  • The contact numbers of the children should be shared with the bus driver and the assistance, so that they can contact them as soon as possible.
  • A school staff should be present in every bus departed from school to look after the kids.
  • All the numbered buses should be checked before they are shut down for the day.

Precautions Before Starting the Bus

Attendance should be taken of every student who are supposed to board a particular bus before starting the ride.

The doors must be safely closed but not in locked condition, before it starts.

Make sure that all the children place their belongings only on the aisles of the bus.

Do not allow any child to sit or stand on the way blocking the front side, or rear visions.

Check the vehicle engine that it is off, the gear is in neutrally placed, the ignition key has been removed, and no child is inside or around before leaving the bus.

While loading or unloading children, make sure that all the students got down the bus and has reached a safe location.

Safe Driving Tips for the Drivers

As explained by the Riverside Genesis dealer, a school bus driver should be extra cautious. So, it is mandatory for them to follow the rules without fail:

  • Do not ever speak on the phone or get distracted by actions like getting into an argument with someone inside the bus, smoking or ignoring traffic signals.
  • Be especially attentive while crossing railway lines and do not ignore the signals.
  • As a school bus driver, one should have sound knowledge of the revised traffic rules and follow the regulations strictly.

Finally, the school bus drivers should feel the importance of his driving habits and have a strong sense of responsibility and love to care for the children they drive back home.

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