Which Lincoln Is Right For You?

Posted on March 2, 2018 by in Auto

Among the North American luxury brands, Lincoln has long distinguished itself as one of the most impressive options on the market. With a long history going back to the early twentieth century, Lincoln was the car of choice for generations of U.S. Presidents — and for hundreds of thousands of Americans who understand that driving is about pleasure as well as practicality.

In the past two years, Lincoln has been making a comeback. With the release of the fourth generation of its Navigator SUV and the long-anticipate tenth generation of its Continental sedan, Lincoln has been earning accolades for its reinvigorated designs, and its return to form as a manufacturer of truly luxurious vehicles. The 2018 models offer much to be excited about, so be sure to check out the new Lincolns at your local Lincoln dealership. Here’s a short guide to help familiarize you with this year’s best options.


The Lincoln MKC is a compact SUV that brings together superior handling and maneuverability with real elegance. Its cockpit is outfitted with the latest technological features guaranteeing that long rides will not be boring, and its 2.3 litre turbo-4 engine delivers more than enough power to ensure a smooth and speedy ride.


Lincoln’s midsize SUV, the MKX offers more passenger space and more power than the MKC, while retaining a lot of the internal and external design features. The MKX sports a 3.7 litre V-6 engine, and its adaptive suspensionmakes for an extremely smooth drive. In terms of luxury SUVs, the MKX does an excellent job of balancing the need for space and comfort with practical considerations like muscle and driveability.


Those looking for a luxury sedan that can deliver the best in comfort, driveability, and cutting edge technology are faced with a choice: the Lincoln MKZ, or its more famous older sibling, the Continental. The MKZ offers a lot of the same features as the Continental on a slightly smaller scale. The Continental is a large, spacious car that isn’t afraid to take up space on the road. For drivers who want to experience the same superior comfort and power in a mid-sized sedan, the MKZ is the perfect choice.


If any one car is synonymous with the Lincoln brand, it is the Continental. One of the greatest cars on the road in the 1960s and 1970s, the Continental had been off the market for fifteen years when the tenth generation model was launched in 2017. Thenew Continental combines the classic design elements of earlier models with the best new technology and luxury features to create a vehicle that hearkens back to the past while keeping its eyes on the future.

After a triumphant year in 2016-2017, the 2018 models show that Lincoln intends to build on its success. These vehicles set a benchmark in terms of luxury, but they also offer reliable performance and excellent driveability. Car aficionados across North America and the world are sure to be watching closely to see what new innovations the coming year brings.

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