Three Signs That You Have Hired The Wrong Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal law is without a doubt one of the most complex category of Law as these cases are dealt with at the highest tier of courts. This law ensures that society understands what kind of behavior is deemed to be criminal, and serves several crucial purposes in our society today. This area of law is in place to help resolve disputes, protecting individual’s rights and property, providing smooth function of the society and safeguarding civil liberties.

Since a lot is at stake in criminal proceedings, it is imperative that every resident hires a lawyer who has massive experience in criminal litigation proceedings. However, due to the sheer amount of law firms out there in Hayward, it can be quite difficult for people to hire a competent defense attorney or a Hayward wrongful death lawyer. We have come across a substantial number of people claiming that they unfortunately hired the wrong representative. Hence, this post.

This post will help you ascertain whether you are hiring the wrong criminal defense lawyers. Here are three tell-tale signs which indicate that they have hired the wrong person for the job:

1.When your lawyer claims that they are seasoned lawyers, but still ask you to plead guilty

The very first sign that indicates you have the wrong legal representation is when the attorney requests that their clients plead guilty even if they are innocent. The whole point of hiring an attorney is so that they can effectively prove in court their client’s innocence, so pleading guilty defies the purpose of hiring the attorney in the first place. Although there are situations where pleading guilty might help a client, these cases are very rare, and even then, no one should plead guilty if they are innocent.  The whole point of the legal system is to protect the rights of the innocent!

2.When your lawyer is too busy to maintain a solid line of communication

The second sign that indicates you have the wrong legal representation is when your lawyer can not maintain a line of communication. It is a well-known fact that winning a case without constant correspondence between clients and their lawyers is close to impossible. A competent lawyer will constantly keep you in the loop at each stage of the litigation procedure. They will go out of their way to make sure you understand the progress of the case.

3.When your lawyer’s license has been suspended or revoked at any point in their career

If your lawyer’s license has been suspended in the past then this is a serious red flag, as licenses are only revoked due to extreme mal practices. Also, lawyers lose their licenses for ethical violations against their clients. This means that they have indulged in seriously fraudulent activities. Although everyone is entitled to a second chance, that does not mean your case should be the lawyers’ second chance! What you have to realize is that in some cases your life depends on your lawyer, how can you put your life in someone’s hands that has a shady record?

So, if your lawyer displays any of the signs mentioned above, please consider contacting a renowned legal firm in Hayward in order to make sure your life is in good hands!

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