When Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

According to a research, increase in personal injury is more due to car accidents. They’re very frequent and most of the time they’re caused due to driver’s negligence or careless behavior. No matter what the cause is, the outcome of car accidents is highly destructive and traumatic.

The consequences involve fatal injuries, property damage etc. In most of the cases, car accidents lead to death or permanent disability. Recovering from such accidents can affect you physically, mentally and financially. All of these are likely to cost the victim a lot of money, say, medical expenses, vehicles repairing, etc.

It’s important to have a general understanding of such accidental claims. Besides, claiming money from insurance is exceedingly complex and it can take a year or longer. We suggest our readers to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney guides you through all the legal matters and also helps you get the compensation for your recovery.

When to hire a car accident attorney?

lacking knowledge of the claiming process

As mentioned earlier, the process of claiming the insurance involves too much complexity. It’s a legal procedure of which you might not have any idea. Collecting documents, doing paperwork, filing claim could be overwhelming. One small mistake can delay the claim or worse it could lead to complete the denial of the claim. Best is to hire an attorney.

Long term or permanent disability

Any insurance company will analyze 3 factors to determine the severity of injury:

  • Injury type
  • Recovery period
  • Medical expense

Proving long term injuries or permanent disabilities can be little tricky. You would definitely want to team up with an expertise.

Disputed Liability

In vast majority of situations, insurance companies raise questions on the liability of policy holder which means the other party is not liable for the accident which is why insurance company will not take the responsibility of paying the damages.

Refusal to Pay

Here, the insurance company would deny paying a fair amount or making a fair settlement.

Insurance claim adjuster offer you small amount

Most of the time people prefer to settle with the adjuster’s offer (which is usually a small amount) rather than dealing with the insurance filing and claiming process. In most of the cases, the amount is not worth for the serious injuries. An attorney will ensure that you’re compensated properly.

Other scenarios           

  • It’s been a long time since the accident and your claim is not settled yet.
  • You’re the victim’s caregiver and you no longer will be able to provide service to the victim
  • You’re served with a lawsuit by the other party which was responsible for accident

According to our research, the numbers of car accidents are unexpectedly high in Washington, US and the experienced team of Lawyers at Khan Injury Law Firm has been aggressively and successfully representing the personal injury victims and their family since years. You can visit the website for reviews and details information.

Dealing with car accidents can be very challenging for the victim and the family. So, hire an attorney and protect your legal rights, if you or your loved one has been a victim of personal injury.

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