Car Marking Challenges and Most Valued Solutions

Can you imagine a modern vehicle without an identification number on it?  Or a car part without a serial code? Car marking has become for the automotive manufacturers not only the necessity but, in time, an obligation. Inscribing on car parts is today one of the fields where strict requirements are set by both informal […]

Solar Power Comes to the Trucking Industry

Pull into any truck stop in the early evening hours and you are likely to see rows of trucks all idling even though drivers are enjoying their evening meals or already bedded down for the night. That idling is the result of diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APUs) generating electricity for air conditioning, refrigeration, and general […]

The Nations That Produced the very best Muscle Vehicles

Auto enthusiasts all over the world can verify the truth that muscle vehicles are an essential part of automobile history, specifically since it relates in order to speed generating. American muscle is basically an American-made automobile which has a lot associated with power while offering really great acceleration abilities. In 1964, the expression “muscle car” […]