Does Travel Memoirs Interest You? These Will

It is a very rare that we find people who have traveled the world and even rare those who are willing to share the experiences with everyone. We are mainly caught up in the vicious cycle where we go to work and come back missing out on the point of living the life.

When you read the memoirs you experience the world through the eyes of these travelers. Easily the cheapest travel you can afford. I do not say that it is in any way a substitute for actual travel but upon reading you will be more inclined to travel the world. What is it about them which makes them interesting read.

Let us find out below.

Holy Cow by Sarah MacDonald

The story of Sarah MacDonald goes something like this. When she was in her twenties she traveled to India. The locals weren’t very good to her and she ended up having a not so good experience while her stay in India at the time.

But somehow she believed that it was all her that made the trip and the folks in India were generally good. Upon coming back she once again undertook the best Japanese car auction website journey to what is known as the biggest democracy in the world today.

She wanted to search for love and in the thirties when she reached there but this she stays at her boyfriend’s house who happens to be stationed there carrying his journalistic duties. Her experience is transformed from being an ugly to that of a person having a great time.

She faces a health scare and from there onwards goes on a spiritual discovery of self, all the while interviewing other people and talking to them coming from varying walks of life. In the Holy Cow she has documented her experiences which are a must read for anyone willing to travel.

Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson

As a child Will Ferguson travels some 1800 miles along the Cherry Blossom Front of Japan. He narrates the story in Hokkaido Highway Blues with himself in the passenger seat as he was forced to witness Japan through the eyes of those citizens.

Is largely a satirical take on the travel and will appeal to only those individuals who have gone bored of the tales as outlined in other memoirs. You will no doubt be in for a ride of your lifetime as the memoir captures Japan at it most liveliest.

Once Upon a Time in Beirut by Catherine Taylor

It is said that the first year of marriage is always the hardest. No wonder there because for Catherine Taylor and her husband it was more than just difficult year as they had to relocate to Beirut to work as foreign correspondents when they got married back in the year 1991.

The author fell in love with the place which is often referred to as the Paris of the Middle East. She had different perceptions about the IPA Tokyo auction place as the city had already been torn to pieces by years of war. She gets to experience the culture of Beirut as talks and meets and eventually ending up befriending many of them.

But here her job doesn’t end. She from thereon moves to cover Iraq war and the conflict in West Bank (the till date present war zone/disputed territory).

In conclusion

Above are few of the finest travel memoirs that you should be reading if you are willing to undertake the travel. Let us know in the comments below if we have missed out on any.

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