Powder coating on rims

For surface sealing of rims, there are basically two different variants: the conventional paint and the powder coating. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. What advantages for a powder coating speak and what you should know beyond that, https://mauipowderworks.com/ shows you in this home tip.

Powder-coated rims – these are the advantages

  • Basically, the powder coating is higher quality than a paint job. The rim is better protected against scratches and keeps longer a high quality look.
  • In addition, the coating is easier to clean. Usually a little water and a light rim cleaner is enough to remove the visible dirt. Especially the unsightly brake dust does not burn in so fast.
  • Let your rims powder-coat afterwards, so you can choose from a huge range of colors. Both high gloss and matt colors are possible. In addition, the surface is particularly uniform during the coating

The disadvantages of a powder coating

  • In contrast to painting, the coating must not be polished later. This could damage the surface.
  • In addition, you expect the powder coating higher costs. In contrast to the paint job you have to calculate about twice the price, because the process is much more complex.
  • If the rim is already needed, it must be cleaned and stripped very costly for coating. Even scratches need to be repaired carefully.

Powder coating on rims – the cost

  • Of course, the prices vary depending on the provider. As a rough guide, however, you can count on 60 to 80 euros for the coating of an aluminum rim. A paint job is usually offered for 30 to 40 euros.
  • In any case, you should contact a professional supplier – both coating and painting are complex and require appropriate experience and the right equipment.
  • It is best if you get offers for both procedures from a local workshop. There you will also receive further advice.


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